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We provide leading VoIP Telephone Systems for Dental Surgeries and Practices across Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire and South London.

VoIP Systems for Dental Practices in Sussex, Surrey and London

We’ve all experienced calling up to book an appointment with our local dentist only to be faced with an engaged tone, it can be incredibly frustrating for both patient and dental practice.

Research has shown that engaged tones are a regular problem for patients across the UK, not just in Sussex and Surrey.

It goes without saying that if you ring any business, dental practice or not, and you are making an initial enquiry, its fair to say that you will go elsewhere if you are faced with engaged tones or voicemail messages. We all want our calls answered to deal with our enquiry, its human nature.

Our Business Phone Systems for Dentists ensure that all calls are handled efficiently and can develop a more positive customer experience for all patients calling the practice.

By choosing Keytech Networks as your communications partner, we take the time to get know the specific demands of your dental practice and understand the following key areas of any dental practice phone system:

Call Routing Management

It’s important that your telephone system or VoIP phone system is setup and configured so that all incoming calls are handled in the correct way, minimising any possibility of missed calls particularly during busy periods.

Never miss a patient’s call

We’ve all experienced calling a dentist or a doctor and got an engaged tone, this is because many are still using a legacy phone system and ISDN2 lines, some maybe even using just a single analogue line.

Whilst its a low cost solution, it is certainly not going to help your customers in the long term.

Call Queuing System for Peak times

For larger dental practices that experience high volumes of calls, which is typically first thing in the morning, there are system features that can be utilised in such a way to provide a call queuing system so that inbound callers know where they are in the queue. This will help the Practice Management team tremendously in handling calls.

Click to Dial with Microsoft Outlook Integration

The reception and back office staff are incredibly busy every day, managing the patient appointment schedules by making numerous outbound calls to patients which can be very time consuming.

Our integration tool links seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and a number of CRM platforms so that a feature called Click to Dial can be utilised. Effectively no more manual dialling on the phone keypad for Practice Management staff unless you have no other choice but a huge amount of time saved.

Simply click on the phone number of the patient or customer you wish to dial and your desktop phone will make the outbound call. Clever right?

Reduced Call Costs with our licence packages with inclusive UK Landline and Mobile minutes

With VoIP Phone systems  for Dental Practices, we can provide a fixed cost service each and every month that comes with an inclusive calling plan to UK landlines and Mobiles. The only calls you will pay for are those to Premium rate numbers.

Managed Monthly Billing for a more transparent billing experience

Keeping it simple is at the heart of everything that we do. By bringing together all of your communications services to the one supplier, we will provide you with one monthly bill collected by a single direct debit at the end of the month.

Broadband for Dentists

The internet is important for businesses of all sizes and dental practices are no different, with databases and appointment scheduling to sit alongside your desktop applications, here at Keytech Networks we have options available to meet all requirements.


  • We have Dedicated Internet Access options in the form of Leased Lines
  • For smaller scale operations or simply for those on a budget an FTTC connection will provide fast download speeds with up to 80MB available for those in close proximity to the telephone exchange.

It is vitally important that you understand the type of broadband you have serving your business and understanding the care levels that support that phone line too.

We 100% recommend that every analogue line is supported with a Care Level 4 service.

Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Dental Practices

For many dental practices, the opportunity to upgrade from a legacy NEC or Panasonic phone system with ISDN2 phone lines is one that should not be overlooked.

With ISDN lines due to be phased out in 2025 and the prominence of cloud based services, here in 2021, plus the rollout of Fibre broadband across the South-East, now really is the time to futureproof your dental practice with modern technology which can enhance your customer service offering.

Advantages of this upgrade will include:


  • Remove any possibility of customers hearing an engaged tone


  • Detailed analysis of call volumes means you can be better prepared for busy periods


  • Option to add professional on-hold messaging, providing the ability to advertise treatments


  • Creation of call schedule for open hours, lunch period and closed hours


  • Increase patient satisfaction when calling the practice, improving customer retention levels and boost referral opportunities


  • If you add a new treatment or service, you have the ability to use a different number for your marketing material which can then be tracked to monitor campaign performance.

Customer Service Questions for Dentists and Dental Practice Owners

If you choose to work with Keytech Networks, we will need to understand your biggest frustrations with your current phone system along with feedback you have received from your patients so we can make them a thing of the past.

Typical questions include:

  • How often do patients complain that they couldn’t get through because the phone lines were engaged?


  • Staff numbers on reception for inbound call handling?


  • How many calls can reception handle at any one time?


  • Understanding of your current setup and call flow.


  • Understanding of system functionality including ability to transfer calls?


  • Are the phone lines overwhelmed at peak times?


If you have been experiencing any of the above, please call us on 01403 620600 so we can help your dental practice can make and receive calls efficiently.

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