Affordable Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet service for businesses in Sussex and Surrey looking for a reliable solution to improve business performance.

What is EoFTTC?

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) is provided by copper lines from the green street-side cabinets to the business premises. Unlike standard broadband where the copper line is directly connected to the local exchange, EoFTTC services travel across a shared fibre optic circuit to the exchange.

The distance doesn’t affect the circuit performance, which allows access to up to 20Mbps symmetrical speed with the additional boost downstream making a total of 76Mbps downstream. This makes this service a fantastic and viable option for small businesses looking for the fastest speeds

As a result, this provides an Ethernet service, without the typical costs, whilst offering great coverage across Sussex and Surrey and across the UK.

With many small businesses utilising several Cloud based services whether it is the VoIP phone system, the company CRM, Accountancy software the EoFTTC service is a great choice ideal to handle fast transfers of large data files as well as running real-time business applications.

Benefits of an EoFTTC Connection

There are a number of benefits associated with an EoFTTC connection over the likes of a typical FTTC service, we have outlined them below:

  • Low-cost Ethernet option
  • SLA fix time of 7-8 hours
  • High speeds and superior reliability over traditional FTTC broadband
  • Prioritised, uncontended bandwidth for your service
  • Ability to add 200 voice lines on the single connection.
  • Quicker installation than other Ethernet products.


EoFTTC can offer a lot more than a standard Fibre Broadband (FTTC) connection, it would deliver a more stable bandwidth although any business considering EoFTTC needs to verify service availability and whether it suits their needs.

Here are some business benefits of upgrading to EoFTTC:


  • EoFTTC provides businesses with a source of Dedicated Connectivity. This means you are not sharing bandwidth with your neighbours and you won’t see drops in connectivity at peak times, when the kids finish school, it means your business will have consistent, reliable bandwidth free of issues such as contention. With EoFTTC the bandwidth is yours alone, this is not the case with Fibre Broadband (FTTC).


  • EoFTTC can be provided with symmetrical bandwidth- equal upload and download speeds (as with any broadband service this is subject to the location of the business premises).

Why is this important for my business?

The increase in upload speeds can make a significant difference to running many business applications. FTTC upload speeds are often in the region of 10Mbps, whereas you can potentially double this with EoFTTC to 20mbps or possibly more.

High upload speeds will enable:

  • Fast upload of large data files
  • Easy adoption of Hosted ‘Cloud’ services
  • Adoption of VoIP Telephony with associated cost savings
  • Video Conferencing and on-line Collaboration
  • Multiple data traffic – voice, data and internet

It is well documented that VoIP services require good upload speeds in order to deliver QoS (Quality of Service). This minimises delay and maximises quality of audio and video transmission meaning maximum call quality is achieved. Hosted cloud services such as Microsoft Office365 improve significantly, enabling staff to work more efficiently due to improved upload speeds, even large files such as high-quality videos are uploaded in a fraction of the time it would take to upload on a regular broadband service.

I have FTTC Fibre Broadband, can I upgrade to EoFTTC?

If your business already uses an FTTC connection, then upgrading to EoFTTC is quick and cost effective since the physical BT infrastructure required is already in place. Unlike EFM and Ethernet over Fibre, EoFTTC also offers a super-fast lead-time of around 15 working days.

What’s the price difference between Fibre Broadband FTTC and EoFTTC?

EoFTTC does see an increase in costs but this is justified, it is a different service offering due to the dedicated nature of the circuit although this can be a less significant jump in comparison to other forms of dedicated connectivity.

What happens if my EoFTTC service develops a fault?

EoFTTC is provided with an 8-hour SLA fix time should an outage ever occur on the circuit.

In the event of a fault or service interruption, you will be back online within eight hours rather than days or even weeks which can be the case with traditional broadband services such as ADSl2+.

How reliable and resilient is EoFTTC?

If your business requires greater up time, it is also possible to provide secondary circuits and security solutions to help optimise the connection for your business needs. This is provided as a data only service for a true backup solution.

The connectivity stays at maximum symmetrical speed 100% of the time due to the uncontended service.

What is the lead time for the installation of an EoFTTC circuit?

If you have an existing FTTC circuit in your business, then it is entirely possible that an EoFTTC service can be installed inside a 30-day period.

Sure, EoFTTC does cost more than fibre broadband but it is significantly cheaper than other dedicated business connections such as leased lines or EFM plus there is vastly quicker installation period.

Almost all businesses in Sussex and Surrey require a reliable internet service in order to help their business drive towards success. An EoFTTC service could be just what you are looking for.

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