Mobile Broadband

What is Mobile Broadband?

This is a SIM Only service that is solely for data usage, no voice calling is enabled on the SIM itself. Keytech Networks provide mobile services from the O2 and Vodafone networks to guarantee a high quality, reliable mobile connection.

What tariff options are available?

There is a package available for everyone and for all types of business user, it all comes down to the best provider for your primary location and the tariff that best suits your needs.


  • Mobile tariffs range from 1GB-30GB per month on the O2 network


  • Mobile tariffs range from 2GB-50GB per month on the Vodafone network

Designed for use on the 4G Network

For maximum benefit and productivity, a mobile broadband service is best used where there is a strong 4G signal. Intended for working on the move or even as an option for remote working, signal strength is key, and we recommend using a network coverage checker to help identify the best option.

Empower your teams to work on the move

As more businesses adopt a remote and flexible working approach, ensuring that employees can connect back to the office is paramount for some form of continuity.

Not all staff will have access to a secure internet connection when working on the move, free Wi-Fi in the hotel reception or local coffee shop is not the best from a security perspective. By providing a flexible Mobile Broadband solution it addresses several key factors but importantly enables staff to work as they would whilst in the office.

How to choose a mobile network?

Almost everyone is now aware of the best mobile network at the office or when they are at home, mainly through trial and error over the years no doubt! For extra reassurance we recommend using the network coverage checker for O2 and Vodafone to identify which network is offering the best access to 4G where you need it.

If there is any doubt, our team can talk through the exact requirements and recommend a solution accordingly.

Do you provide the dongle or hardware as well as the SIM?

Yes we do although all customers are free to use an existing product (if compatible) or source their own hardware if they would prefer.

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