Assured Broadband

What is Assured Broadband?

Assured is a broadband product available from Gamma to run the Horizon VoIP service, to guarantee call quality for the small business user. This is a Voice/Telecoms only service. Assured is made up of three service types:


  • Assured 5-Guarantee 5 concurrent calls
  • Assured 10-Guarantee 10 concurrent calls
  • Assured 15-Guarantee 15 concurrent calls


A Cisco router is supplied as part of the managed service and depending on the nature of the contract, this will determine the costs of the router itself.

Included as part of the package is 1 x Static IP Address.

This is a business broadband service for the Gamma Horizon service.

Is Assured Broadband available in your area?

There is a very strong possibility that yes, Assured is available in your local area. As with any type of connectivity, it is important to assess the business needs along with staff numbers and future plans before deciding which circuit is going to be a good fit.

What is the quality of service like?

As a Gamma Broadband service, this is designed for use with the Gamma Horizon VoIP Telephony platform. Call Quality is guaranteed up to a certain number of phone users and concurrent calls to prevent issues such as packet loss and jitter.

The service is provided with a set of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that monitor certain activities:


  • Number of voice channels that the connection can support
  • Latency, Jitter and Packet loss
  • Service Availability
  • Fault Repair times

What are the monthly costs of the Assured service?

It depends which option you go for: Assured 5, Assured 10 or Assured 15. Most customers opt for the service on a 3-year contract as it proves to be more attractive financially, considering the router and the new handsets for the Horizon telephony service.

What happens if a fault occurs?

With this being a service managed by Gamma, there are SLA’s in place to ensure the service is back up and running within a certain time-frame.

As with any fault, please call our office number on 01403 620600 and select Option 1, where the team will be on hand to answer your query and work towards a timely resolution.

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