Unified Communications

Horizon Collaborate is the Unified Communications of choice for businesses who need communications services integrated on one single system. 

accessible on pc & Smartphone

Collaborate works on PC, Laptop and iOS & Android smartphone devices with seamless connectivity.

Truly unified communications system

Minimise the number of communications subscriptions by bringing together telephony, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Screen Share (plus a lot more) onto one system in one monthly bill.

gamma horizon & Collaborate

Businesses already using the Horizon VoIP telephony platform can take advantage of Collaborate with immediate effect by adding the UC bolt-on.

Work from anywhere

2020 is a year that will live long in the memory, a truly unified communications platform like Collaborate allows staff to work from anywhere. Empowering exceptional communications.


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What is Horizon Collaborate?

Horizon Collaborate is the Unified Communications solution for the Horizon telephony platform providing businesses with the opportunity to operate a complete fixed and mobile collaboration experience.

If your business has over 10 employees where flexible working and a need to unify the communications tools in use across the business, then Collaborate can benefit your day to day operation.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications integrates multiple communications tools onto the same platform that have until this point been purchased by businesses as individual items. Bringing together IP Telephony, Instant Messaging, Integrated Presence, Conference Calling, Video Conferencing, File Sharing and Desktop sharing for a more unified working approach.

These services can now be accessed across multiple devices including PC, Laptop, Mobile and Tablet to ensure a consistent experience across all fixed and mobile devices.

What are the benefits of the Horizon Collaborate Unified Communications solution?

From an IT and business administration perspective, Horizon Collaborate, becomes easier to manage and deploy throughout your organisation. Get staff setup to work remotely in a matter of minutes.

Rather than using tools like Slack as a solitary platform and the management team being unable to track what messages are being sent inside and outside the organisation-Collaborate reduces that impact. The use of commercial applications can also be minimised with Collaborate therefore retaining that business approach rather than mixing personal and business accounts where mistakes can happen!

For businesses with remote teams or multiple offices, Collaborate offers a fantastic opportunity to bring staff together onto a shared platform. The integrated presence feature provides users with real-time information with regards to who is online, who is on the phone/ in a meeting etc.

If your business has remote staff or multiple offices across the country, then Collaborate is for you.

By utilising the Unified Communications features, businesses can expect:

  • Instant Messaging-Real Time information
  • Presence-Identify who is in the office and available
  • Video Calling-Call a colleague as if you were dialling their extension, Group Video calls also available
  • Conference Call feature-this is available for internal and external users, save money compared to third party conference calling services
  • Telephony-Collaborate is built around the Horizon telephony system retaining the ability of making an receiving a call, this time with a more intuitive desktop client to help staff

Is your business ready to embrace the future of business communications?

The business world has changed significantly in the last few years and with many businesses still using telephone systems that were installed 5-10 years ago, coupled with using several third party platforms then now is the time to take advantage of the benefits that Unified Communications can bring to your business.

If you are interested in:

  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Making staff more productive
  • Increasing system functionality across the business
  • Providing an integrated solution across fixed and mobile devices
  • Empowering staff to achieve more with their time
  • Winning more business


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Frequently asked questions

Horizon Collaborate will only work in conjunction the Gamma Horizon VoIP solution. It is not compatible with any other UK VoIP service.

In simple terms, any existing Horizon subscription can upgrade by adding Collaborate for an additional small monthly fee. New customers would subscribe to the service by adding the Gamma Horizon telephony solution first then adding UC once the telephony is fully operational.

If you are an existing Horizon customer, absolutely!

For businesses without Horizon, whilst we can demo the product it will only work if you were to upgrade or migrate to the Horizon telephony platform.

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