FTTP Broadband

Business Grade Fibre to the Premises broadband services for business and residential customers across Horsham, Crawley, Sussex and Surrey. Up to 1GB circuits now available for some locations.

True fibre connectivity

No copper to be seen here! True fibre from the exchange directly to your home or premises for the fastest possible speeds.


Given the nature of the technology, FTTP is proven to be a more resilient and reliable technology compared to the widely deployed FTTC which is reliant on copper.

unlimited download limits

All FTTP services are supplied with unlimited download limits ensuring peace of mind in this ever connected world.

competitively priced packages

As FTTP continues to be rolled out across the South-East, Keytech Networks have a number of options to suit both budget and requirements.


There is simply too much to list, why not get in touch? Our sales representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have.

What is FTTP?

FTTP is the latest generation broadband service coming to homes and businesses across Sussex, Surrey and across the UK. Fibre to the Premises or FTTP as it is more commonly known as, is fibre broadband technology that is connected directly from the exchange directly to the home or business premises.

FTTP, unlike FTTC, uses all fibre optic cables, making it the fastest type of fibre in the UK broadband marketplace. In fact, fibre broadband will allow for up speeds of up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps), with higher bandwidth speeds increasing in incremental levels which is then reflected in the monthly price. With the combination of fibre optic cables and the fact that they go directly to your premises, FTTP is going to be the preferred option for those who require a fast, stable and cost-effective broadband service.

How fast is FTTP broadband?

Fast, really fast. In fact, super-fast.

Reported speeds differences of up to 30 x faster sounds incredibly fast and what does that look like in terms of day to day internet usage?

To provide an example everyone where everyone can relate. If you were to download a movie in 1080p HD on a standard 10Mbps broadband connection, it would take you about one hour.

With an Ultrafast connection of 300Mbps this is where things get interesting, where that same download would take less than two minutes, giving you just enough time to pop the kettle on and get ready to watch the movie you have waiting for!

What are the main benefits of FTTP?

Ultrafast broadband directly to your premises delivers gigabit speeds plus future-proofs your business through some of the UK’s leading network infrastructure providers.

A single FTTP with sufficient bandwidth will be more than capable of handling the traffic required for the office VoIP system as well as all internal cloud based web applications.

This is going to be hugely significant for smaller businesses who have not been able to enjoy or afford the speeds enjoyed by those with bigger budgets for a more powerful broadband solution.

Three of the key benefits of FTTP are as follows:

  • Speed
  • Bandwidth
  • Reliablity

Fibre directly to your premises gives you the fastest possible broadband connection with a completely future proofed solution, offering faster downloads and uploads.

In the current climate, many of us have been conducting business using a variety of video conferencing platforms and many will have experienced delays or buffering, even sound quality. With an FTTP connection used in a business capacity, time-consuming and expensive face-to-face meetings can be held online. As of September 2020, it would appear that video conferencing will continue to benefit those working in a remote capacity.

Many more UK businesses are using cloud-based solutions particularly since the coronavirus pandemic propelled the UK workforce into a working from home environment. When connected to ultra-fast broadband, the cloud offers the agility needed for organisations to optimise their products and customer service, and for workers to enjoy faster and more robust connections.

Is FTTP broadband reliable?

Absolutely. With a true door to door fibre service, this is the future of broadband services and it is the fibre element where the reliability comes in

Compared to the FTTC services that many of us have been using for a number of years, there is no copper involved which is where a lot of the problems arise. This is a product of the future.

As with any service of this nature, we always recommend sourcing your broadband services from a reputable provider with a network built for high capacity, high bandwidth services with no usage restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there are some parts of the town where residential and commercial premises can get FTTP broadband. Many of the newer developments in and around the town are FTTP ready on the Openreach network.

To check if FTTP Broadband is in available in your area of Horsham, please contact a member of our team who can advise on the service availability for your postcode.

Fibre coverage across the whole country is still relatively low but with the investment and government targets in place to boost fibre connectivity, this figure will continue to rise alongside the alternative network providers where private funding is fuelling the growth of this service.

For some of you, the answer will be yes and for others it will be a case of working with your supplier to keep you updated when your postcode is next on the list for the fibre rollout.

At Keytech Networks we will be providing FTTP Broadband across Horsham, the Horsham District, Crawley, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and across East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.

FTTP only uses fibre to connect the home or premises to the exchange whereas, FTTC only contains fibre from the exchange to the green cabinets with traditional copper wiring linking the green cabinet with the property. The copper element is where the speeds decrease and service degradation can occur the further you are from the cabinet.

The rise of video calling applications and Unified Communications services such as Collaborate will work fantastically with a superfast FTTP connection.

Can’t find your answer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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