About Keytech Networks

Our aim is to bring a modern, fresh approach to the world of business telecoms. The future is cloud-based and it is our responsibility to ensure that businesses get there with the right partner to guide them through that process

Ewen Bonnyman, Managing Director

We started life as FP Cloud Networks in 2015. The business was created by a desire to create and build a business that is truly working to guide small businesses on their journey towards a Cloud-based future. We strongly believe in our open, honest, jargon-free approach to helping fellow business owners find the right tools to help their businesses succeed. Following a period of growth the business moved to Horsham, West Sussex in November 2018.

As the business grew it became clear that we would need a new brand name as the range of services supplied included IT and Network based services.

In January 2019, FP Cloud Networks became Keytech Networks. We re-branded to reflect the nature of the services that we have introduced and our plan is to continue to grow our presence across the South-East as well as adding new products and services throughout the year to grow our IT services offering.

At Keytech Networks we take a lot of pride in equipping our clients with the best possible tools to enable their own business growth strategy.

Its proven that businesses that concentrate on delivering high levels of customer service stand a far better chance of creating a more loyal base of clients. We help you achieve and exceed those goals.

What we stand for?

Put simply, delivering exceptional results for each and every client and being there to support them on their business journey.

At Keytech Networks, we pride ourselves on our caring customer service approach and delivering technology with purpose to Small & Medium sized businesses across Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire. Our ethos from the very beginning has always been about delivering a transparent service where the customer is absolutely clear from a Commercial and Technical perspective on the solutions in place. We believe in partnerships.

We will always work with the following in mind:

  • Transparency
  • Jargon Free Approach
  • Guidance and Consultancy
  • Getting to know you and your business goals
  • Delivering real benefits and enhancements
  • Utilising our experience to help small and medium sized businesses achieve

What makes us different?

We care about your business.

Keytech Networks are a company committed to providing a great customer experience backed up with our superb technical capabilities and continued adaptability to emerging technologies across the Telecoms and IT industries. Technology is changing at a rapid pace but it is our responsibility to guide our customers towards the best solutions for tailored to their specific business needs.

You can expect:

  • Professional and Experienced team of specialists


  • Primary focus on solving customers problems


  • Track record of delivering results through technology led solutions


  • Committed to our company ethos of Open, Honest and Jargon-Free communication


  • We understand that clients always have a choice which means that when you choose to work with us its because we are a good fit for your business and we will never tie you into unnecessary contracts


  • Our goal is for Keytech Networks to become the preferred business communications partner to forward thinking companies across Sussex and Surrey

How we work?

From our management team through to our technical support staff, we make it easy for you to do business with us.

All of our products and services are sourced from the UK’s leading communications providers ensuring we are working with the high-quality brands in our industry. We take those services and create bespoke solutions for each and every customer we work with in Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire.

We believe in the Cloud based future of technology solutions and all our services are geared towards helping our customers take advantage of the options available in the marketplace.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us which means that we will only work with the best possible service providers including: BT, Gamma, Talk Talk, Vodafone, EE, O2, BT Wholesale and Openreach.

To reaffirm our commitment to quality, Keytech Networks are registered with the Federation of Communications Services (FCS) and the Telecoms Ombudsman so you can be assured that you are working with a business that adheres to a high standard of delivery and working practices.

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