Phone Line Rental

We provide competitively priced analogue and ISDN phone line rental to businesses in Sussex and Surrey.

Which type of phone lines do Keytech Networks provide?

Phone lines are the staple telecommunications service that are used in every home and business throughout the UK and provide a core part of our business offering.

  • Single Analogue Lines
  • Premium Analogue Lines
  • Multi-Lines
  • ISDN2e
  • ISDN30

Does my business still need an analogue phone line?

Firstly, it depends on how you make and receive telephone calls as a business. Secondly, if you have an ADSL2+ or FTTC broadband connection for office phone system or PC’s then yes, you will still need a physical analogue phone line. Those services will not work without it.

How long does it take to get a new phone line installed?

From the date of order, it can take up to 10 business to get the phone line installed. In almost all cases, we only ever order Premium Analogue lines.

If Broadband is also required on the same phone line, we will order that at the same time to go live on the same day.

Care Levels on Analogue & ISDN Phone Lines

Not many businesses are fully aware of the Care Levels that they have with their phone lines and we have seen it on numerous occasions where a business has their broadband on a Basic Single line with Care Level 1! If there was any external issue with that line they could be without internet for several days.

Care Levels provide peace of mind that should an external problem occur with the phone line in question that it will be dealt with inside the agreed timescales.

Here is an example of what level of service each Care Level provides:

  • Care Level 1: Resolution clear by 23.59 day after next, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday, clear Thursday.


  • Care Level 2: Resolution clear by 23.59 next day, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday, clear Wednesday.


  • Care Level 3: Resolution timeframe-Report 13.00, clear by 23.59 same day. Report after 13.00 clear by 12.59 next day, seven days a week, including Public and Bank Holiday.


  • Care Level 4: Clear within 6 hours, any time of day, any day of the year.



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