Leased Lines & Fibre Ethernet for Small Businesses

At Keytech Networks we specialise in providing businesses with dedicated, secure and uncontended leased line services. If you’re a business in Sussex or Surrey, choose our Leased Lines up to 1Gb for fast internet access and data connectivity.

99.99% Uptime guaranteed

For businesses with a reliance on the internet for day to day operations then a leased line is the only way to guarantee network uptime and reliability.

uncontended connectivity

Fibre Leased Lines are uncontended which means that only your business is using that fibre connection. This is a dedicated service for serious businesses.

managed service

Unlike a standard broadband service, Leased Lines are monitored and managed in real time for a managed service. 4-6 hour SLA's in the event of network downtime.

100MB to 1GB bearer options

With almost all businesses using data hungry applications throughout the day, we can provide a range of bearer options to futureproof your business connectivity.


There is simply too much to list, why not get in touch? Our sales representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Trusted Leased Line Provider

Our engineers are on hand to connect your business to the best internet providers in the UK, including award-winning network carriers BT, Gamma, TalkTalk and Vodafone. Regardless of your location, you’ll benefit from incredibly resilient internet services with high speeds.

Once installed, at a time to suit you, your company and staff will benefit from enhanced communications and productivity. You’ll be able to improve your day to day operations, efficiently use VoIP services to improve business to business and business to consumer communications, enjoy high quality voice and data connections, and see better reliability from cloud-based resources.

What is a Leased Line?

A Fibre Leased Line, or Fibre Ethernet Circuit, is a dedicated data connection providing uncontended broadband internet access for your business.

It provides:

  • access to the Internet
  • a connection for phone calls (including VoIP)
  • linking between PCs and servers across multiple offices in the data network
  • off-site/remote working for staff
  • symmetric speeds; fast uploads and downloads of large files

It’s purpose is also to connect two locations together and can therefore work across company sites. There is normally a primary location, the main corporate office, which is then connected to another office that is part of the same business.

Benefits to your business

There are several advantages to choosing a Fibre Leased Line service over more traditional copper based broadband services, such as FTTC and ADSL Broadband.

Reduced Costs

Switching to a Fibre Leased Line helps reduce the cost of private networking, while improving the quality of service and support your business receives.

Prioritised bandwidth

For consistently high speeds, there are two bearer options that we typically quote- 100MB bearer and a 1GB bearer, with various bandwidth options available in between depending on your business requirements.

Scalability and flexibility

Legacy communication services, such as ISDN, aren’t flexible enough to provide the same high quality connection as a business expands. Leased Lines have a bandwidth that can be easily increased to cater to new and more users, and can be decreased should the need arise.

Uncontended service

You benefit from direct access from the exchange to your business premises, ensuring you get the speeds and services as stated in your agreement. Should you outgrow your line, it can be upgraded and grow with your evolving needs.

Unlimited usage

With a Leased Line you and your business can use as much data as you require to complete your tasks. You don’t need to worry about reaching a ‘maximum usage’ and being charged extra, or reaching a point where all of your data has been used.


A fibre connection is known to be more reliable than the ageing copper network that has been used for so long. One of our experts can discuss the benefits of a Leased Line to your specific set-up and requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fast speeds

As an uncontended ‘unshared’ service, your business will receive incredible speeds across a range of tasks and applications. These speeds have no fluctuations throughout the day so productivity doesn’t suffer because of a struggling bandwidth. Not happy with your current connectivity? Check your speeds using our broadband speed test checker.

Resilience and security

This is very important for critical business applications and the use of cloud based services. Communications and data on your line will be resilient even when multiple applications are being used – voice calls, video conferencing – and will also be protected by a firewall. The level of security makes it an ideal choice for companies dealing with sensitive and private data, such as those in the medical, education or financial industries.

What does uncontended actually mean?

Uncontended broadband is delivered via a Fibre Leased Line and means that only your organisation or business has access to the connection – you don’t share it with any nearby users or other companies.

It ensures fast speeds and direct access to the Internet without other outside or third party businesses slowing it down. Developed for businesses, they are private, secure and dedicated purely to you.

The uncontended service and guaranteed up and down symmetrical speeds mean that you can begin to add additional services to the connection such as CRM access and collaborative communication services such as VoIP Telephony and Unified Communications.

Many more business applications are becoming cloud-based including Accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks. A leased line is generally the best internet service a business can opt for to ensure that all these services can run over the same dedicated connection.

In comparison, uncontended internet connections include ADSL, FTTC and FTTP. These will all experience peak times with upload and download speeds fluctuating throughout the day. This isn’t ideal when you have multiple users on a conference call for example, or see an influx of calls to your business after a successful marketing campaign.

How is a Leased Line installed by Keytech Networks?

Available across the UK, delivered on uncontended fibre access at speeds from 10Mb up to 10Gb, Ethernet bandwidth can be increased quickly and easily in line with your business requirements.

When you choose us as your provider, we assess the availability for your business location(s) and complete the following process:

  • Postcode check
  • Site survey
  • Acceptance/rejection
  • Committed delivery date
  • Circuit delivery date
  • CPE (Customer-premises Equipment) build and delivery

During this process you will have a main point of contact (account manager) in our team who will be happy to answer any of your questions and keep you updated. Customer service is a top priority for us and whatever your knowledge is on telecoms and broadband, we’ll endeavour to make the installation as transparent as possible.

In our commitment to offering the best telecoms solutions for local businesses, once installed we will hold regular account reviews to check it is working as well as it possibly can for your business. This will take into account your usage and how your business and it’s needs are developing over time.

Why are small businesses choosing Leased Lines?

  • They have big data demands
  • They are expecting growth in the next 12 months
  • They use or are planning to use a lot of cloud-based technologies
  • They currently suffer from a poor connection with ping, latency and jitter
  • They can’t have productivity decrease due to slow speeds at peak times on uncontended internet connections

Leased Lines are becoming ever popular with an increasing demand on data and Ethernet services. As businesses grow and look to improve their competitiveness, data connectivity is an important area to review to ensure it’s not holding you back,

Provisioned over a dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connection for all of your business voice and data traffic, Fibre Ethernet services or small business Leased lines are ideal for organisations wishing to converge voice and data on a single connection but need guaranteed resiliency and up-time.

Frequently asked questions

As a guide, the official lead times from point of order through to a live service are 55-95+ working days but everything depends on location and the results of the Site Survey.

Our Fibre Leased Line services are available across East and West Sussex, Surrey, London, City of London, London Boroughs. See all of our covered areas to check your location.

There is no immediate answer to this question; to provide a quotation we would need to ask you a few questions about your business and it’s data needs. With these further details can we start to build a bespoke offering that’s the best solution.

Considerations that will impact your monthly cost can include your existing set-up for communications, number of staff and your requirements for data speed from 10Mb up to 1Gb.

Fibre Leased Lines are very resilient and secure, but nevertheless our support team take on a proactive role to ensure your connection is working optimally.

Every Ethernet service is actively monitored by us and our software to alert us of any potential issues – such as connection loss and downtime – and our responsibility to your business is backed up by end-to-end Service Level Agreements.

In most cases, should an issue arise, it will be fixed directly by the network carrier in 4-6 hours.

Can’t find your answer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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