How to Switch Broadband Providers?

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How to Switch Broadband Providers?

How to Switch Broadband Providers?

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In short, the answer is no, its not that difficult to switch providers. In actual fact, its a straightforward process subject to the switch-over being managed from start to finish.


It’s been common for businesses to be reluctant to change service providers and the associated broadband router due to a fear of loss of service or running into problems around the time of the switch over.

It all comes down to communication and that’s where the Keytech Networks team come into it.

For companies that have an existing FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Broadband service, you can be experiencing download speeds of up to 80MB with upload speeds of up to 20MB. Speeds depend on your locality to the exchange.

Believe it or not, we are aware of cases where companies have remained on the same broadband contract and tariff since 2013. They haven’t changed the service purely because “it works”. We are all about service here at Keytech Networks and not price led but why would you pay £80 per month for a service that can be provided for a price in the region of £40 per month.

One thing that we do not recommend is switching your services to a £15-£20 per month service because you will experience bandwidth issues and that is not what you need if you are trying to run a business.

Switching broadband suppliers is a process we manage every single day, each service with its own bespoke router option (note we do not supply basic routers, we specialise in delivering business grade products).


To give you an idea, this is the process involved in checking the broadband options available for your business (this example is based on you already having some form of ADSL2+ or FTTC broadband in place):


  1. Run a number check to verify the service on the existing line as well as the options available in the area local to your business.
  2. Clarify which broadband service is available and meets the future needs of the business.
  3. Identify the type of router that will serve the business the best, we typically provide Draytek routers for small business services (it can be possible to retain the existing router, however, this is on a case by case basis).
  4. Propose the broadband service and router options
  5. Once we get the green light to proceed, it will take around 10 working days for the services to switch across.
  6. We configure the new router in advance of the service going live, meaning that a simple switchover of the router is required on the day itself.
  7. There will be some minor local network adjustments required by your IT representative to configure all PC’s and Laptops with the new configuration details including network and WiFi credentials.


Q. Will our office WiFi be affected with any switchover?

A. Yes but only temporarily whilst the new router gets installed. Staff who use the WiFi on the their smartphone devices will need to update the password on their iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei P30 devices.


Tip of the day:

It always worth reviewing your services on an annual basis, not just commercially but primarily to ensure that your business can continue to run on the service that’s in place. Maybe you have had a recruitment drive meaning that there is more activity on the existing circuit and you need a boost in bandwidth to cope with the extra needs.

Keytech Networks. We help you make the right call for your business!

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